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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Runningman Sparta KIM JONG KOOK 1st Malaysia Showcase

Whats Up

 "Runningman Sparta KIM JONG KOOK 1st Malaysia Showcase" 
Date: 14 June 2013 (Friday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: HGH Convention Centre, Sentul KL

I'm having fun . Seriously !! He's so sweet & gentleman. Handsome ??!! Of course .. HAHA XD

Thank you so much to Korea Plaza KL & KTO for the tickets

Here some picture during the showcase 
*sorry guys i don't take a lot of picture bcos security quite strict & we can't use flash to take picture*

Here what happen during the showcase 
*Sorry..i can't remember all bcos i'm busy fangirling & screaming XP*

1) KJK said he like 'nasi lemak' 
2) He said he like Malaysia bcos he like hot weather & MC said "Malaysia have HOT girl too" ;))
3) During games session ,i can see how gentleman & sweet he is.
4) KJK dream girl : round face,tanned skin,big eyes,long hair & wear sneakers ^^ 
5) My lil brother fanboying. He scream "KJK hyungggg!!!!" I'm shocked XP
6) He speak english well,not fluent but ya...he can speak..
7) He so cute when he did 'gwiyomi' ^__^

But for sure, i want to meet him again. 
I'm having fun at this showcase :)

That's all. See you again ..

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